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in the discovery wine box
The hidden gems
Julien Beck

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The best
Italian and Spanish
delivered in Switzerland
Our customers'
Julien Beck
A great selection of spanish and Italian wines, always great relevant pieces of advice and an ability to share the passion for wine. All of it makes Alfavin a sure deal !
Hayley Hay
So far we never had any wine that we did not like, and we purchase a lot of wine from Their passion, knowledge and expertise are excellent and their tastings really different. They really know how to make you love their wines, outstanding!
  • Clandestino Learn more

    Clandestino Night !

    Please join us for a night of mystery & discovery!

    You will embark on a culinary journey of special dishes from the new Eat Me menu.
    Each course of this secret expedition will be accompanied by a premium wine pairing to make it a truly mystifying experience! And, be aware, your adventure will also come with a touch of intrigue, as the evening is sure to contain a few extra surprises... The only question remains: "Are you ready for Clandestino?"

    Where and when? Octobre 30th at 19h00 in restaurant Eat Me in Lausanne (rue Pépinet 3).

    Price : CHF 150.- per person, including menu, wines, water and coffee.

    Conditions : booking in advance directly at the restaurant by e-mail or by phone +41 21 311 76 59

  • Piemonte Night with Cascina del Monastero Learn more

    Piemonte Night with Cascina del Monastero

    Please join us for a great gourmet evening and wine tasting  with the wines of la Cascina del Monsatero. We will have the pleasure to welcome Velda and Beppe Grasso, producers of Barolo, Langhe and Barbera from La Morra (Alba).They will present their wines, while sharing a succulent meal in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere... like at home.

    Where and when? November 14th at 19h00 at restaurant La Grappe d'Or in Lausanne (rue Cheneau-de-Bourg 3).

    Price: CHF 120.- per person, including meal, wines, water and coffee. 

    Conditions : Compulsory booking by e-mail at

    More info on the menu and wines to follow… 

  • N/A Learn more

    Free Wine Tasting


    More than 80 wines available for tasting for free.

    Where and when? On November 29th (5pm-8pm) and November 30th (11am-4pm) at Salle Communale d'Echandens.

    Exceptional tasting with more than 80 wines from Italy and Spain available (detailed list on our event page).

    The tasting is free